Sweets made of sugar and milk

sweets from milk

Who would have thought that you can make sweets from sugar and milk at home! But you did not misinterpret – only sugar and milk! Very tasty it turns out – both adults, and children will be delighted!

Description of preparation sweets:

In general, what about this simple recipe for candy from sugar and milk, then I recommend you to prepare them first as I will tell, and only then begin the culinary experiments. For example, to reduce the amount of sugar by this amount of milk, the candies will then turn out to be softer. Or try to add nuts and raisins to the molds – you will get not only tasty, but also original sweets from sugar and milk at home!


Milk – 3.38 American ounces
Sugar – 0.66 American pounds

Servings: 4-5

Stages of preparation “Sweets from sugar and milk”:

1. Take a frying pan. Pour sugar, pour milk, and cook on a small fire, stirring constantly, until the mass does not diminish in volume, take darken, and take a slightly noticeable crust.

sweets stage 1

2. The mixture immediately freezes, so pour into a suitable plate, a little oiled, and wait for only 5-10 minutes.

sweets stage 2

3. And now we break the resulting “cake” into small pieces and lay out the mass in the molds. After that, we send it to the refrigerator to freeze.

sweets stage 3

4. Here such beauty turns out! Have a nice tea!

sweets stage 4


These sweets contain a large number of calories!

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