Essex Street Pub Timeline



The building at 530 Rhode Island Street was built in 1883 with two store fronts on the first floor.  The Gerhardt Lang Brewery leased the saloon and bodega.

In the 1950’s The Cozy Luncheonette occupied the west storefront while the A.C. Ahr operated the bodega.   The Cozy Luncheonette was a known hangout for local mobsters.  The FBI had files that mentioned the diner and there were shootouts next door at the taxi stand.  See links to the old articles and FBI files:


In the late 1950’s The Cararozzo family opened Gina’s Diner on the first floor, which thrived until Gina sadly passed away and people stopped coming to eat.


In the mid 1970’s One World Cookery operated as a successful restaurant until it relocated to the suburbs.


In the early 1980’s Danny’s Deli was open for a couple years.  Macky did odd jobs for Danny starting his connection with 530 Rhode Island St!


1986 – The Essex Street Pub was born.  Our founder Peter Goretti had a dream to “Maintain the Party Atmosphere!”  He accomplished this with the help of area musicians, artists, and drinkers for 22 years.


Macky, who had worked for Peter since 1986, bought the business & building in 2011.  He dedicated a year to remodeling the bar and kitchen, creating a menu that will “bring the deliciousness to your table”.